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Recruitment strategies for the modern workplace

With no surprise anymore, we all are already witnessing the change in global trends post-pandemic. The rules have changed: employers are under pressure to fill their vacancies with potential talent across the globe, while on the other side, applicants today are more focused on their

Is Expatriation still a thing in 2022?

As we are progressively getting "back to normal", what happened to French expats? Did they come back? Do they still want to live abroad? Emilie Narcy, Director of Operations at Approach People Recruitment answered questions from Corinne Caillaud for Le Figaro. Desires for change Although

Great Place To Work 2022

Our international recruitment agency has been certified Great Place To Work® as of January 2022! For 20 years, Approach People has offered its clients a single point of contact to take charge of their recruitment in Europe. In the meantime, a team of international consultants spread over
20 years of recruitment ApproachPeople

20 years of recruitment in 5 highlights

On its 20th anniversary, the international recruitment firm Approach People Recruitment looks back on 5 events that have influenced recruitment over the past 20 years in Europe. 2000: The arrival of the GAFAM in Europe In the early 2000s, large American companies set out to

Shine in interview with the STAR method

Preparing for a job interview is the best way to be successful. Your mission during the interview is to convince the recruiter in front of you that you are THE person for the job. However, competition for the same position is sometimes fierce and the difference between

8 tips for a successful job interview

You’ve applied for a job and the recruiter contacted you for a job interview? Congratulations! Piquing the recruiter’s interest with your CV is already a great success! To go further and succeed in your job interview, you must prepare for it. Here are 8 tips to help you prepare

At Approach People, we love to travel!

Team challenge Travelling together for a weekend!   This month, the team won the annual Team Challenge in record time. Thanks to amazing performances and a great team spirit, we’ll soon go together to a sunny destination for an incredible weekend. The last time the

Starting a new job remotely

Discover our best tips to successfully start a new job remotely Starting a new job is the last step of the recruitment process and the first of a new career. Whilst this step is one of the most important when forming a relationship between a

International Recruitment: Astonishing Growth Forecasted in 2021

Recent trends highlight that international recruitment has a bright future ahead of it in 2021. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an economic crisis of unprecedented magnitude. Containment measures that have become widespread around the world have impacted more than 80% of the global workforce, according