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Candidates selection and placement: your recruitments with Approach People

Recruiting new team members is a delicate step for any company, regardless of its size. From defining needs to integrating new joiners into the company, the recruitment process requires specific skills. At Approach People, our expert consultants handle your company recruitment projects. Attuned to all needs, we take care of candidate selection and placement.

Your expert recruitment agency

Here at Approach People, we manage recruitment processes and help our clients hire talent on a daily basis. Candidate placement is our core expertise. We provide you with multilingual and multisectoral expertise to find profiles most suitable for your vacant positions.

Our recruitment services include:

  • Job briefing and potential optimisation
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Prequalification and candidate evaluation
  • Client and candidate coaching throughout the recruitment process, especially during interviews
  • Support for the client and selected candidate during their integration within the company and beyond.

Our international recruitment agency makes every effort to ensure the success of each of your recruitment projects.

Recognised expertise in the targeted market

Providing an understanding of the targeted market to companies in search of new collaborators is essential. Our specialised consultants bring thorough market expertise tailored to your industry and rely on relevant criteria to consider for your recruitment processes.

Our experts carry out your recruitments based on specific needs. They take into account various criteria such as:

  • Proposed salary;
  • Desired years of experience;
  • Sought-after skills;
  • Technologies and tools used in candidate selection;
  • Level of responsibilities;
  • Required language proficiency levels.

Approach People works for companies of all sizes: startups, SMEs, corporate groups, major accounts, local businesses, multinational corporations, etc. Our consultants execute your recruitment projects in Europe and internationally. Benefit from our expertise to recruit exceptional collaborators who are competitive assets and effective contributors for your company.

Reception and optimisation of the job brief

Approach People receives and, if necessary, optimises your job brief for the position to be filled. This brief covers:

  • Job title, responsibilities, and duties;
  • Tasks and responsibilities expected of the new collaborator;
  • Work environment;
  • Career advancement opportunities;
  • Working conditions: technical constraints, working hours, travel requirements.

The job brief emphasises the required skills and know-how that shape the recruitment offer. It addresses:

  • Knowledge and expertise necessary for the position;
  • Education or level of studies required for candidates;
  • Required soft skills to be selected and engaged in the recruitment process;
  • Required language proficiency levels.

If you need to efficiently recruit new team members, Approach People relies on your job briefs to select profiles most suited to your vacant positions. We ensure they meet the job requirements and can adapt to your company culture and teams.

During the recruitment process, we also analyse the competitive advantages that each candidate represents for your company.

Candidate sourcing

An effective recruitment process relies on a good sourcing of potential candidates. In order to discover suitable talent for your recruitments, Approach People conducts targeted and customised sourcing. Our objective: reduce the time to hire for your vacant positions.

We take care of:

  • Broadcasting your job ads and employment offers on various channels;
  • Receiving and sorting collected CVs;
  • Thoroughly searching for CVs on other sourcing channels to identify additional profiles suitable for your vacant positions;
  • Directly approaching talented candidates and profiles in high demand. This way, we maximise the chances of quickly and effectively finalising your recruitments.

We then send you a shortlist of selected candidates based on the criteria from your job briefs.

Good to know: as headhunting experts, our international recruitment agency finds and presents you with scarce profiles that meet your premium recruitment needs. We identify your future excellence leaders in the context of your C-level role recruitments.

Candidate assessment

After identifying and selecting candidates, we progress in the recruitment process and proceed with their evaluation. Our multilingual consultants establish a recruitment grid incorporating the criteria from your job brief. This grid focuses on:

  • Technical and managerial skills of the candidate;
  • Education and years of experience;
  • Soft skills;
  • Proficiency in the required language(s).

We take into account all elements mentioned in the job brief during the evaluation of candidates. We use various recruitment tools and methods such as personality tests and language tests according to the targeted language(s).

Candidate support and coaching

As a trusted and attentive intermediary, Approach People ensures the coaching of candidates during the recruitment process. Indeed, we consult with both the company and candidate to secure excellent collaboration proposals. As a dedicated partner recruitment agency, we maximise the chances of filling your vacant positions quickly and meeting your recruitment needs.

Our consultants engage in open conversations with selected candidates before job interviews. They provide additional details about your company and recruitment needs while addressing the essential points of what you are looking for in the specific position.

The objectives are:

  • Have honest discussions with candidates so they understand the requirements and conditions of your recruitment offers;
  • Find exceptional candidates who best match the positions to be filled.

As experts in recruiting candidates and scarce profiles, Approach People handles all your recruitment projects. Benefit from recognised, multilingual, and multicultural expertise for your recruitment processes. For more information about our services, contact us!

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