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Recruitment strategies for the modern workplace

With no surprise anymore, we all are already witnessing the change in global trends post-pandemic. The rules have changed: employers are under pressure to fill their vacancies with potential talent across the globe, while on the other side, applicants today are more focused on their experience & satisfaction with the workplace in comparison to the salaries. 

As per the survey conducted by global jobs website Glassdoor, “More than 77% of adults would consider a company’s culture even before applying for a job“, while according to more than half  (56%)  say that business culture is “more important than salary in terms of job satisfaction“.

The definition of the modern workplace includes the set up of digital technologies designed to help businesses and employees to achieve their desired goals by meeting their requirements. 

So, if you have become successful with building up the modern workplace but you have failed to reorganize your hiring strategy following current trends, keep reading: this article will help you with drafting innovative recruitment strategies.

What is a Recruitment strategy?

“A recruitment strategy is a defined action plan that consists of an organization’s efforts to successfully identify, recruit, and hire quality candidates to fill their vacancies.” 

Successful business leaders ask themselves: ‘why?’.

Why recruitment strategies are important in the modern workplace.

There are plenty of benefits in having a clear recruitment strategy:

  • An organisation with its predefined recruitment strategies can speed up sourcing candidates, a major advantage over competition in a competitive candidate market
  • A systematic recruitment procedure supports employers in increasing brand value
  • Recruitment strategies will enable business leaders to learn more about their business
  • Well-organized recruitment strategies help build up transparency between employers and candidates
  • Having a coherent recruitment strategy enables to effectively and attract the best passive candidates available in the market
  • An efficient talent acquisition strategy also opens the door to building up a strong diverse workforce.

If you are clear about above mentioned far-reaching benefits, here we have explained what kind of recruitment and retention strategies you may implement in your modern workplace that can be helpful to gain a competitive advantage.

Recruitment strategies for the modern workplace

Set recruitment goals

The very first step to build-up an effective recruitment strategy begins with defining recruitment goals that match your modern workplace criteria

So far, the recruitment strategy is a well-organized planned layout that helps you find out the purpose of hiring, such as for what roles you’ll recruit, why, when and how.
Moreover, while drafting the same; it must be easy to understand and implement.

Brand value of employer

Irrespective of any sector, businesses keep looking for the best potential candidates. Therefore, focusing on building up a good reputation in the market is essential to attract the best talent.
Spending time to promote your company as a great place to work by optimizing your website’s career page as well as promoting opening jobs with easy & eloquent job descriptions on social media as well as different job boards can be considered an effective way. 

Emphasis more on skills & experience than academic qualification

According to new data, it finds 67% of recruiters currently emphasise skills and experience more than the educational qualifications of the best applicants. Evolving requirements and changing global trends has changed scenarios, where the best talent (according to the employers) are no longer the one having high qualification and degree but a one with advanced skill. Being a recruiter you must keep your eyes on the candidates’ profiles that can benefit your organization in multiple ways.

Encourage employee referral programs

Employee referral is one of the popular and effective tactics which is highly recommended to include as an innovative recruitment strategy, as it saves lots of time and effort for the recruiter. You can successfully run an employee referral program by encouraging your existing employees to refer potential applicants for open positions. This is an effective way to increase the employee retention ratio.

Focus on passive candidates

In simple terms, “passive candidates” are those who are not actively looking for jobs, focusing on passive candidates than active job seekers can help you onboard more skilful and experienced manpower. Recent data by Linkedin shows that passive job seekers make up an additional 70% of the job market.

Invest in an advanced AI-driven tool for hiring

If your talent acquisition team is still relying upon antiquated hiring procedures then you should focus on investing in advanced AI-driven recruitment software, which will make your workplace even more modern than before. 

An Applicant tracking system is complete automation that transforms manual recruiting into intelligent recruiting.

Make hybrid work model a priority

Following a change in global work trends post-pandemic, it has been proved that availing remote work to employees who are located in remote areas; is resulting in increased productivity with better work-life balance. Moreover, it also encouraged establishing a diverse workforce in the organization.

Internship programs

Offering paid internships to entry-level professionals is an excellent way to recognize the potential and calibre of the candidate. It is a win-win situation for employers and candidates.
Hiring freshers turns out a cost effective workforce for the employer, while trainees get a quality experience. This is one of the tactics which also helps in retaining employees. 

Apart from the above-mentioned hiring strategy that applies to the modern workplace, there are many other talent attraction strategies you can analyse as per your business requirements and policy.

Best practices in talent acquisition

If there is a will, there will be a way too.

If you have started contemplating and asked yourself “how you would make your recruitment strategies more effective?“, then you may get inspiring learning lessons from the top-notch companies across the globe who have been successfully creating their brand reputation through innovations.

It’s interesting to know how Nike – a well-known sports brand –  hire their potential applicants with effective talent engagement. You may observe Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn for their interesting talent acquisition and retention strategies too.