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Approach People: new premium Executive Search service!

Approach People Recruitment revolutionizes Executive Search with a new premium service

Approach People Recruitment, our international recruitment agency, is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new premium Executive Search service. This initiative aims to meet the growing needs of businesses in high-level recruitment and transition management. Experience has shown that companies of a certain scale, whether in a phase of growth, development, or restructuring, require advanced expertise to find the talent that will guide them towards a promising future. Approach People Recruitment is leading the way by offering a service that goes beyond the already high-quality standard recruitment service. This is a strategic response to the major challenges of development, reconfiguration, and mergers faced by businesses.

Premium Executive Search: the art of recruiting strategic leaders

Approach People Recruitment’s premium Executive Search service stands out as a natural solution for companies seeking their next leaders. It distinguishes itself through its highly personalised, discreet, and human-centered approach. Specialised consultants, leveraging their expertise in various sectors, are committed to providing tailored solutions. This service goes beyond traditional recruitment methods, involving personalised support for candidates, especially for members of the Executive board. These recruitments can be part of medium or long-term projects, requiring a true partnership with precise support, taking into account the specific context of the position, the company’s overall recruitment needs, corporate culture, as well as the company’s growth and development prospects.

This premium service complements our current offerings and significantly differs from searching for candidates on social networks or professional platforms like LinkedIn. It exclusively targets executive leadership positions, focusing on the scarcity of sought-after profiles, sometimes limited to only a few individuals in Europe or worldwide.

“We are convinced that this exclusive Executive Search service will significantly elevate the quality standard in the field of high-level recruitment. It is a response to the growing demand from companies looking to hire the best professionals to ensure their future success. We are ready to bring our expertise and identify rare talent to meet these challenges.”

Laurent Girard-Claudon

Laurent Girard-Claudon

Founder and Managing Director of Approach People

An all-in-one recruitment approach

Recruiting for high-responsibility positions involves longer, more expensive, and more confidential processes. Our consultants handling these missions are among the most experienced, specialists in their field, capable of interacting in different languages and at different levels. From offices in Europe and Dubai, the headhunters recruit strategic leaders locally or internationally. Multilingual, recruitment consultants master the language of the targeted country and those needed for roles within the executive teams.

Our approach stands out thanks to:

  • Experts with in-depth knowledge of their sector;
  • A network of local consultants familiar with the specificities of each country;
  • Understanding of diverse European markets;
  • A broad network and a client base comprising hundreds of companies of all sizes for over 20 years;
  • An all-in-one offering that combines both strategy and executive search services;
  • Emphasis on the human aspect in the recruitment process;
  • A deep and personal approach, far from the stereotypes of formal recruitment.

“We have already demonstrated our exceptional expertise by placing high-level talent in various sectors worldwide. Key executive positions for which the agency has successfully made strategic recruitments include a Country Director in the industrial sector in Germany, a General Manager in the retail sector in France, a Sales Director in renewable energies in France, and a Supply Chain Director in logistics in Spain. These successful placements demonstrate our ability to identify rare talent and integrate them successfully within hiring companies, contributing to their success and growth.”

Laurent Girard-Claudon

Laurent Girard-Claudon

Founder and Managing Director of Approach People

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