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Targeted sourcing methods with Approach People

Sourcing is an effective tool that allows you to find numerous interesting profiles for a given position. Are you in search of your future collaborators? Approach People conducts the sourcing of your candidates.

Sourcing formulas tailored to meet your recruitment needs

Classic sourcing package

We offer a classic sourcing package: we broadcast your job openings on our platforms and send you all the received CVs.

Customised sourcing packages

Approach People also provides more comprehensive and tailored sourcing packages. These are highly recommended as they further ease your recruitment processes. This saves you time and maximises your chances of finalising your recruitments rapidly. These packages may include:

  1. Broadcasting a job opening on our platforms and preselecting CVs based on mutually defined criteria (job brief discussion).
  2. The previous package, supplemented with targeted sourcing according to the job brief to identify additional talents.
  3. The previous package, supplemented with direct outreach to certain candidates. To learn more, we recommend checking our dedicated page on headhunting.


Summary table of our sourcing offers:

Sourcing type Job offer broadcasting CV preselection & shortlist sending Targeted sourcing according to job brief Direct approach of candidates
Classic sourcing 
Custom package 1
Custom package 2
Custom package 3


Upon request, we can also adapt one of these packages to meet your specific needs.

Why choose us for customised sourcing?

Approach People offers its services to companies of all sizes: startups, SMEs, business groups, major accounts, local businesses, multinational corporations, and more. Our interventions cover extensive networks and span across all sectors of activity in France, Europe, and internationally.

Recruitment sourcing involves various actions implemented to receive and/or search for potential candidates for a given position. It entails using different channels and acquisition tools to identify qualified profiles in various sectors.

As a multilingual sourcing expert, Approach People conducts targeted sourcing operations to:

Target the best candidates

Active search is a major asset in effective sourcing. Approach People has a pool of exceptional candidates with the skills and experience required to fill your vacant positions. We provide you with a shortlist of candidates selected according to your recruitment needs.

Reduce your recruitment costs

Precisely targeting profiles helps optimise the budget allocated to recruitment processes. By obtaining excellent proposals from our expert consultants, you achieve cost savings.

Gain efficiency

Faced with increasingly demanding recruitment needs and market dynamics, a customised candidate search strategy enhances efficiency and optimises the time dedicated to it. Approach People utilises numerous sourcing tools to ensure the success of all your recruitment projects.

A comprehensive and targeted approach to sourcing

Approach People offers a comprehensive approach to recruitment sourcing carried out by expert consultants in various industry sectors. A successful recruitment project hinges on a solid approach, and we implement targeted profiling strategies for the benefit of our clients.

The strength of our network lies in the identification of targeted profiles and expertise across diverse fields. Our recruitment experts broaden the search for the ideal candidate to provide you with competitive advantages that align with your ambitions.

As sourcing experts, Approach People consultants identify relevant keywords for finding suitable profiles for your recruitment needs.

Whether you’re seeking new team members in the luxury, digital, construction, or renewable energy sectors, for example, Approach People searches for the best profiles with prior experience in these sectors, but we don’t limit ourselves to that. We expand our searches and innovate to secure excellent proposals for your recruitment projects.

Our multilingual consultants select profiles to contact based on their full potential and perfect alignment with the job requirements. Our sourcing methodologies are proven and do not involve any discrimination. They are based on the analysis of necessary skills and prerequisites for the position to be filled.

Diverse and customised sourcing tools for your recruitment needs

Thanks to the job brief and collaborative exchanges with our clients, we define the characteristics of the profiles being sought. Approach People utilises various tools to broaden the search for potential candidates to match different positions.

Internal qualified database

Approach People has an internal database that our consultants rely on for various sourcing operations. This database hosts a broad network of candidates from various sectors. It includes not only qualified candidates but also rare and in-demand profiles.

We update our internal database every day to refine our searches and sourcing methods. It is shared among all our offices to offer a true competitive advantage for your company. We also post job offers on specialised platforms according to the type of profile you are looking for.

Digital and event sourcing tools

Approach People uses numerous digital tools for your recruitment projects. Our multilingual consultants identify job boards, schools, and social networks to activate in order to find excellent candidates.

These different search channels allow us to collect hundreds of potential profiles for your business. Our searches are based on the desired skills and selection criteria for your recruitments.

We also use event-based sourcing tools by targeting significant events in the job market, including :

  • job fairs,
  • employment forums,
  • job dating events,
  • speed recruiting.

Direct approach to candidates

A good sourcing strategy identifies suitable profiles. In the context of a headhunting mission, we expand our sourcing methods by searching for scarce profiles with very specific skills. After targeting them, we approach them directly and establish initial contact to present the opportunity.

Headhunting is part of the third package in our customised offers.

Referrals and networking

Referrals and networking are also effective sourcing tools to find new talent. Recommendations from other candidates can be effective in identifying excellent profiles.

Approach People consultants rely on recommendations from clients and placed candidates for each recruitment project.


We provide CV preselection in some of our customised offers. Conducting an initial selection allows you to save time and energy before moving on to the interview stage. We can also take care of conducting prequalification and evaluation interviews.

A sourcing service that meets your expectations

In addition to customised sourcing, we also offer classic sourcing services. Our service addresses your recruitment needs by broadcasting your job openings on various channels and forwarding the received CVs.

As a client, you have the option to request a bulk sourcing service. We then send you all the received CVs for the positions to be filled and leave it to you to select the most suitable profiles.

Recommendation: from the first customised sourcing package, you can also benefit from a sourcing service that includes preselection of CVs based on defined skills and criteria.

Bring your recruitment to the next level

As experts, we handle entire recruitment processes for our clients, from taking the job brief to integrating new hires. Additionally, we offer another customisable service: candidate assessment.

Sourcing and assessment are integral parts of our overall recruitment process, but they can also be requested independently of the rest.

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