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Professional evaluation of candidates with Approach People

During a recruitment project, it is essential to assess the candidates who have applied for the position before conducting interviews with your teams. This evaluation allows for a pre-selection of candidates to identify excellent profiles who qualify for your vacant positions. Approach People, multilingual and international recruitment agency, conducts candidate evaluations for your recruitment projects.

Prequalification of candidates for your recruitments

Our agency is an expert in profiling assessment for a given position. Our multilingual consultants specialise in prequalification calls based on the job brief and your recruitment needs.

The prequalification of candidates with Approach People allows for sorting and selecting profiles that best match the criteria of your job offer. Through the conducted preliminary calls, our consultants can:

  • Identify if the contacted candidate is genuinely interested in your company and the position at hand.
  • Determine the level of motivation of each candidate by analysing the engagement in interactions throughout the discussions.
  • Make an initial assessment of the skills and qualifications of each contacted candidate, as well as their competitive strengths if they were to secure the position.

Following these exchanges, our consultants shortlist the most promising profiles for your recruitments.

Assessment of candidates for your recruitments

The assessment of candidates for a vacant position begins after the prequalification stage. Our experts conduct targeted interviews with the profiles selected during the preliminary calls. They establish a personalised recruitment interview grid that incorporates the selection criteria from your job brief and relevant analysis points. This grid evaluates each candidate based on:

  • Technical and managerial skills, if necessary.
  • Years of experience, education, qualifications, and professional background.
  • Soft skills or specific characteristics that set them apart from other candidates.
  • Understanding of the prerequisites for the position, knowledge of the relevant industry sector.
  • Language proficiency in the targeted language(s).
  • Any other element mentioned during the briefing for the job offer.

Approach People relies on these various evaluation criteria. Our recruitment tests are reliable and non-discriminatory.

Two evaluation options tailored to your recruitment needs

Approach People offers candidate evaluation packages tailored to your recruitment needs. We can conduct prequalification and assessment of candidates for your vacant positions through one of these two options:

  1. Our expert consultants take your job brief and perform candidate sourcing in advance. We then create a list of CVs or profiles that we will select, prequalify, and assess.
  2. We receive a list of CVs or a pool of candidates that you have identified. We then create a list of profiles that we will select, prequalify, and assess.

Our candidate evaluation processes

Starting from one of the two options mentioned earlier, we obtain a list of potential candidates for your recruitments. We follow these steps for their evaluation:

  1. Initial selection of candidates through the analysis of the CVs collected from the candidate pool provided by your company or from our sourcing services.
  2. Conducting prequalification interviews.
  3. Establishing an initial shortlist of candidates.
  4. Conducting competency assessment interviews for the selected candidates.
  5. Establishing a second shortlist of candidates for you to meet for your recruitments.

During our competency assessment interviews, we may, for example:

  • Test the candidates management skills for a leadership position.
  • Assess their language proficiency as an international and multilingual recruitment agency.
  • Evaluate their soft skills using reliable and proven tools such as personality tests.

Productive exchanges and feedback following the evaluation

In the context of a recruitment project, our candidate evaluation services extend beyond prequalification and assessment. All our local and international clients then receive feedback on these initial stages of the evaluation process from our experts. Our consultants:

  • Present the selected profiles and the reasons why they are chosen based on the criteria of the candidate evaluation grid.
  • Summarise the essential points of preselection, prequalification calls, and conducted interviews to assess the candidates.
  • Communicate any issues and challenges encountered by the candidates to optimise the recruitment process.
  • Provide positive feedback and highlight any areas of concern for the next steps in the recruitment process.

Following discussions with our multilingual consultants, a company can easily decide which profiles to interview among those presented to fill the vacant position.

All our clients benefit from a shortlist of candidates to meet, utilising our recruitment evaluation services.

As a recruitment agency, we can also assist you in interview processes or headhunting.

Multilingual evaluators, native speakers in various languages

Our expert consultants are multilingual native speakers. They can assess candidates in French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, or Dutch, for example.

They can interact and engage in seamless communication with the selected profiles. They are capable of fully testing candidates language skills and proficiency through open and professional discussions.

Experts evaluators in your industry

Our candidate evaluation services also rely on expertise in your industry. Our consultants are experts in markets such as digital & IT, finance, management, HRadministration, supply chain, marketing, and sales. They also specialise in renewable energy, customer service, life sciences, luxury, fashion, engineering, and construction.

Take your recruitments to the next level

From the prequalification of candidates to their assessment, Approach People listens to your needs. We are here to support you in evaluating your candidates to provide you with a shortlist of perfect profiles for your vacant positions.

Our core business is to support you in the entirety of your recruitment processes. By opting for our recruitment support, you offload the sourcing and evaluation of candidates and benefit from our guidance throughout the process. We recruit your future collaborators to save you time and efficiently finalise your recruitments.

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