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Is Expatriation still a thing in 2022?

As we are progressively getting “back to normal”, what happened to French expats? Did they come back? Do they still want to live abroad?

Emilie Narcy, Director of Operations at Approach People Recruitment answered questions from Corinne Caillaud for Le Figaro.

Desires for change

Although the majority of French people are satisfied with their expatriation, the desire to return to France has nevertheless increased in 2021 according to recent findings by the Banque Transatlantique Observatory of Expatriation, in partnership with OpinionWay and UFE.

Among French expats, they would be about 1/4 to consider changing country and 16% of them willing to relocate back in France.

Expatriation has changed

Formalities of professional expatriations have changed over the years. Companies now largely favor local contracts, offering more advantages and being cheaper than expatriation contracts.

In addition, a large number of companies offer a “relocation package” to their new recruits, including: hotel for a few weeks, plane tickets or even language courses to facilitate adaptation within the country. This is what Approach People offers to new consultants relocating to a different country in Europe.

However, although the expatriation formalities have evolved, the main motivation remains unchanged: a quick and easy life change.

The orginal full Figaro article in French can be found on the site (subscribers only): here