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Opening of a new office in Dubai

Press release


Dublin, January 24th, 2023 – In a time where many industries are experiencing a tight candidate market, Approach People Recruitment, a leading European recruitment agency, establishes a new office in Dubai. This is the first office the agency has opened outside of Europe. Already present in several European countries, Approach People Recruitment intends to grow its activity throughout the Middle East. Created by a French team in 2000 in Ireland, the agency means to meet all the recruitment needs of companies in search for multilingual talent.

The Middle East, a region open to international recruitment

By opening an office in Dubai, Approach People Recruitment will become one of the only recruitment agencies specialised in the European market present in the Middle East. Approach People has the network & resources to find top multilingual talent (French, English, German, Spanish native speakers) seeking to boost their career by joining international companies in Dubai or in the United Arab Emirates.

The agency will strive not only to find the perfect candidates for their clients, but also to work with clients on their local needs and potential plans of development in Europe. This is thanks to the multiple offices the agency has across the European continent.

Dubai is like a Middle Eastern Dublin: very cosmopolitan and open to the international talent. Companies that have decided to establish an office here – whether European or local – will be able to rely on the consultants’ expertise to find the most adequate talent in their industry” explains Laurent Girard-Claudon, Managing Director of Approach People Recruitment.

An attractive job market and a pleasant living environment

Dubai suffers from a lack of a work force. Yet, we are talking of a highly favourable market for candidates as there are a lot of opportunities in several industries, such as Luxury, IT, Supply Chain (global hub) and Finance. Since the pandemic, the United Arab Emirates is a tight labour market, firstly because vacancies are hard to fill but also because of the numerous jobs opening in a time of a dynamic economic recovery plan.

The pay level and quality of life in the Middle East partly explains why Europeans want to establish themselves somewhere between Europe and China. As a safe city with a pleasant climate and many different leisure activities, Dubai has become one of the most popular destinations for people willing to move abroad. Not only does it appeal to single people but also to families who can benefit from top level schools, sometimes paid for by their employers. European or Middle Eastern talent who decide to move to Dubai carry out both a professional and a personal plan” explains Laurent Girard-Claudon.

The Dubai office will be managed by Cherif Doghmane, a consultant who first started in the headquarters of the agency in Dublin and then opened an office in Marseille. Approach People plans on rapidly growing the office and welcome half a dozen of new consultants specialised in varied industries, first remotely and then on site.