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People and Process Development Specialist (PPD) at Approach People – A new role created “sur mesure”

A new position created from an observation

Talent development is a key element, and we want the best organization for consultants.

Traditional “management” system focused only on financial results can bias the personal and professional development.

It was important to us to create a role in which success is measured by progress and development, not only by turnover or targets.

The name of the position itself wasn’t easy to find: not a coach, not a manager, not a trainer… but all of this and more at once!

The role of People and Process Development Specialists

The People and Process Development Specialists (PPD) intervene in support to our managers. They work on specific aspects of the process, mentoring and training consultants for each stage of their career at Approach People.

They are like a gym coach, showing you the right move and helping you to do more.

They are like driving instructors: letting you drive, while keeping you safe.

They work on one-to-one analysis of strengths and areas of improvement and create individual action plans.

They offer advice on strategic plans for business development or recruitment.

Consultants talk about this work they do together, daily, that helps them “grow”, “get structured and organized”, “focus on finding solutions”, “challenge themselves”.

Senior consultants can also rely on them to “check on basics”, offer “different perspectives” and help new managers train and support junior profiles.

And it WORKS!

What our recruitment consultants say about our PPD

Here are some of the testimonies received from the team:

I feel supported as a manager because the PPD deliver quality training and most of all makes sure it sticks by following up closely. I can focus on business and market knowledge. Partnering with them helped me to grow my team and save a LOT of time

“I need a mirror sometimes to see what I need to do, and they do that for me. They always ask the questions I don’t want to ask myself… and that is what I need to get moving when I’m stuck. They also made me stick to a plan and get structured and organised”

“Training, supporting, guiding, instilling energy, giving meaning, People and Process Development is all that and more! We can see what it brings to teams and the difference it makes every day.”

“I’m senior, but even so, sometimes I need a different perspective on my sourcing, or the way I approach a mission. I see how the PPDs help others, so I ask them when I need help too! And even though they don’t organize my work daily, they always make themselves available and have new solutions for me!”