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Specialist in Animal Physiology (Ruminant)

Company Description

Our Client, a Leader in the Food Production Industry & Agricultural Sciences, is looking for its new Specialist in Ruminant Physiology.


Job Description

The role will consist in executing Animal physiology research and innovation – in line with the overall Agricultural Science strategy.


Among your activities :

  • Develop and implement innovative and competitive research projects based on ruminant animal physiology and reduction of enteric methane
  • Generate, analyze, and interpret information about ruminant physiology in dairy – livestock production systems, including the fundamentals of the subject, such as the biological, chemical, physical and environmental aspects of dairy cattle physiology
  • Strengthen the internal and external scientific network in line with assigned projects
  • Translate scientific knowledge to technology innovation and application
  • Contribute to peer reviewed scientific publications, scientific communications, and patents
  • Actively monitor relevant external partners (academic and industry) and support in selection and set up of strategic relationships when relevant



  • Minimum 3 years of experience in ruminant physiology and research to reduce enteric methane produced by cattle
  • Strong scientific expertise in ruminant physiology
  • Working experience in relevant in-vitro and ex-vivo models is a plus
  • Creative, dynamic and willing to learn
  • Result focus, quick and effective
  • Excellent communication skills, team spirit, and open mindset
  • English


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