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Finance Manager – German/English – Service Provider

This position is accountable for the development, implementation and maintenance of the necessary procedures and systems for the financial control of the Swiss Business, and the safeguarding of assets, including automated systems; directing the preparation and analysis of financial statements; ensuring the implementation of adequate cost controls and control systems; directing and managing cost accounting, tax accounting and financial accounting and reporting.


This position is a primary contact with the corporation’s external auditors and is responsible to ensure compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and provides interpretation and recommendations on International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) directives.


You will be responsible for:

  • Evaluate alternatives, develop strategies and implement recommendations that ensure the company complies with IFRS, IASB, local GAAP, JSOX directives and various tax jurisdiction regulations.
  • Consolidate, analyze and report the financial performance of the Business Unit in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Design and implement policies and procedures to ensure an adequate internal control structure while safeguarding corporate assets (cash and collection of, working capital, IP, reputation, FCPA exposure)
  • Provide regular and consistent reporting guidelines to the business unit.
  • This is a position that requires flexibility to handle various financial and special projects throughout the organization including, capital expenditure analysis, joint venture analysis and inter company policy creation and implementation.
  • Direct risk-based safety within the team.
  • Control of FCPA exposure, anti- bribery legislation, legislation and practice that eliminates price fixing and cartels, Border and Visa legislation and practice.


  • Swiss CPA qualification or a similar accounting qualification is required.
  • Ideally 5 to 7 years experience + Previous Big 4 experience is preferred
  •  Fluent in German AND English is a must, Swiss German a big plus
  • Understanding and experience of IFRS, Swiss VAT and liaising with relevant Swiss authorities
  • A high level of analytical skills is essential, along with good communication skills.
  • Knowledge of policies and procedures, corporate governance requirements, plus strong and well-structured administrative skills are very important.
  • Of equal importance, is the ability to coordinate and organize large quantities of data within tight deadlines.


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