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COVID-19 Update

The 2020 pandemic is hitting hard on businesses all over the world. Most companies have had to adapt to new ways of working and so did Approach People Recruitment.

From March 2020, lockdowns were in place all over Europe. At Approach People Recruitment, all of our consultants started to work from home.

Here is a list of measures we have taken to overcome the crisis :

  • Everyone has kept their job ;
  • All basic salaries were maintained ;
  • The commission system has been increased ;
  • A newsletter was sent weekly by the management team ;
  • Integration of new recruits kept happening ;
  • “Social events” were attended online

These measures enabled our agency to remain performant even in a sector deeply affected by the crisis. We even noticed a growth of our activity in sectors such as life sciences, IT, renewable energies and construction.

At the end of the day, thanks to our organisation and a strong commitment of our teams : we managed to continue our expansion and opened a new office in France.