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Interview tips

Shine in interview with the STAR method

Preparing for a job interview is the best way to be successful. Your mission during the interview is to convince the recruiter in front of you that you are THE person for the job. However, competition for the same position is sometimes fierce and the difference between

8 tips for a successful job interview

You’ve applied for a job and the recruiter contacted you for a job interview? Congratulations! Piquing the recruiter’s interest with your CV is already a great success! To go further and succeed in your job interview, you must prepare for it. Here are 8 tips to help you prepare
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How to negotiate your salary ?

Prepare to negotiate your salary in a job interview Salary is one of the most important criteria when choosing a job. It is also ranked in the TOP 5 of the most important criteria with: happiness, the meaning given to the mission, job security and possible career development. How to negotiate
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Job interview : Strengths & Weaknesses

During a job interview, the recruiter may ask you this famous question: “Tell me 3 of your strengths and 3 of your weaknesses“. This question (with multiple variations) can be challenging, however, it is a good way of earning points with your recruiter. With a

Succeed in your Skype interview.

Keep calm, read our guidelines and go get your dream job. In today’s global workplace, many employers opt to use Skype to interview candidates. This type of interview cuts down on travel expenses. It also enables employers to quickly and easily recruit international top talent.

Do’s and don’ts after a job interview.

You prepared for your interview and stood out during your meeting, now keep in touch. Maintain a good impression as even after your interview you are still being evaluated. Following up after a job interview is a good way to: Confirm your interest in the

The most common questions asked in interview

Every interview is different but having answers ready for each potential question is key. Anticipating the type of questions you could be asked in an interview is absolutely vital. In this article, we are going to reveal what your interviewer really wants to know when

How do I prepare for a job interview ?

Research and practice are vital for making a stellar impression on the hiring manager or recruiter. Most of the time an interview will take place in three parts: First the hiring manager may begin by talking to you about the role and the company Followed