Recruitment Process

Approach people recruitment believes in driving a transparent recruitment process, which enables our clients to have the assurance of the quality of our services. a 4 step process for the candidate’s selection has been set up and is followed by all of our recruiters. discover what quality means to us.

1. Pre Screening Candidates

The candidate acquisition consultant sources the candidate. The candidate acquisition consultant is in charge of sourcing candidates who could potentially match with your requirements. A first screening conversation enables us to obtain the main relevant information related to the candidate’s career path and to know if they could be interested in potential opportunities.

If the consultant thinks the candidate could be a fit for a specific position, the candidate’s resume and the interview notes are sent to a consultant.

2. Detailed Interview

A consultant contacts the candidate for a full interview. Typically, our consultants have two to fifteen years experience in recruitment. Each of them is focused on a few specific clients to better understand and service the clients’ needs. Once a CV is received from a candidate acquisition consultant, a face to face or video conference interview is carried out in order to discuss the candidate’s skills and expectations.

Afterwards, the CV and the relevant information gathered are sent to the account manager for approval.

3. Client Manager Review

The account manager approves submission. An account manager is highly specialized with at least 5 years experience. Each client has a dedicated account manager at their disposal. S/he ensures the overall quality of the candidates being presented to you.

The account manager is responsible for reviewing the candidates’ resume and the information that have been collected by the candidate acquisition consultant and the consultant. Based on this, s/he then decides whether or not to proceed with the candidate’s application to the client. Another interview can be carried out if s/he feels the need to have further information.

4. Candidate Management

The candidate’s CV and the review carried out by the recruiter are then sent to the client. If he shows interest in interviewing the candidate, the account manager organizes a date for an interview and provides the candidate with a comprehensive preparation brief. He also organizes any practical arrangements such as travel etc.

The consultant follows the candidate throughout the recruitment process, providing sound advice and strong guidance.