Remain calm

How do I answer questions I haven’t prepared for?

Interview questions can sometime catch you off-guard. Whilst you can’t know every question that you will be asked at interview, you can still prepare for the likelihood of unexpected questions by being thoroughly honest with yourself even before you go to the interview.

Firstly, make sure your CV doesn’t contain any inconsistencies. Check your CV with honesty. Ask yourself what a person that doesn’t know you would wonder if he was going through your resume.

Make sure you know what your motivations are. Why did you want to leave your last job; are you seeking a career move or
do you want more money? Not knowing exactly what you want will put you in a problematic situation if the recruiter asks you questions about your futur. The more honest you are with yourself, the less likely it is that you will encounter a really tough question. If you have no interview experience, conduct a mock interview with a friend. It’s a good exercise. If you can practice answering simple questions, you have the confidence to answer the more difficult ones.

Staying calm is a prerequisite

The key to dealing with though questions is to remain calm. Take a deep breath and put yourself together. Ask the recruiter to repeat the questions or to explain you better what he means. That will give you a little bit more time to think of your answer.

A few tips:

• Don’t be late
• Take deep breaths and don’t panic

Get into the habit of collecting your thoughts before speaking, you will feel more confident about your answers and less likely to say something wrong. Even if your interview is going great, the interviewer can still catch up your guard with a out of ordinary question.

Don’t feel threatened. It isn’t personal. The question may have been put to you to see how you think on react under stress.

Be yourself and give the answer you believe is the most appropriate.