Body Language


Be conscious of how you look and what you’re doing, the body language is the first thing the interviewer will be analyzing.

Stay calm


Speak deliberately more slowly than you would normally. Concentrate on pronouncing your words and incite on some of them, you’ll be sure to be speaking at a normal speed. Think of good speakers you’ve experienced throughout your education. You’ll remember the ones who were more engaging. They were certainly the ones that knew how to make interesting the information they were giving to you. Concentrate on what you want and what your strengths are. You should be able to show your motivation and energy using a good speech.

Be professional


Don’t go to the interview with wet hands. If you tend to perspire under stress, run your hands under cold water before going in and if stress makes your skin cold, do the opposite.

Don’t slouch in your chair. The interviewers will think you don’t care and don’t look professional. Sit up straight. If you’re worried about your posture, sit naturally in front of a mirror at home and see how you look to find the best posture.

Look the questioner in the eye. Don’t stare at the floor or glance around he room. Be confident. If you are in front of several people, be sure to look at all of them.

Be aware of the general impression you’re giving out. Don’t forget to smile. That will show you are enjoying the conversation you’re having with the recruiters.