How Twitter can help you make your next career move

Twitter is a great resource for jobs.


From companies’ Twitter accounts to post vacancies to industry chats and personal accounts to share news and opinions, the networking website has become essential to those who look for a new professional challenge.

Be ready to enter the Twitter sphere and build your own online strategy to get the job you want.


1. Create a Twitter account and tweet about job related topics


First of all, you need to make sure you will be able to keep it up to date. There is no point in having an account if you tweet once per month. This can take away a bit of your spare time but you’ll get to talk about things you like and build precious relationships. Think about it.

Start following friends, workmates or people who talk about topics you like. By doing so, you will let them know you are now on Twitter and you will get new followers.

Share news and industry insights. You can talk about something you saw on the news or on a website or a task you are performing at work. Whatever the source is, it needs to be of interest to your followers. Be careful not to only share information but to also say what you think about it to bring your personal touch. This shows that you’re keeping up with trends and gives potential employers a look into what you care about, which will help them to see how you could fit into their work environment.


2. Follow the right people and the companies you like


Our best advice is not to follow people just for them to follow you back and get more followers. You need to think wisely and use your Twitter account as a professional tool. Only follow people who tweet about things you are interested in and companies you would like to work for. Lots of them advertise their open positions on Twitter.


3. Use Twitter hashtags


Job offers:

Companies and recruiters who tweet about openings use hashtags to make their tweets easy to find. You can also find advice and tips tweeted by professionals who can help you in your jobsearch. #careeradvice #jobsearch #jobs #recruiting #jobsearch can be a good start. You can also narrow down your search by using more specific hashtags such as #marketingjobs, #sales or #finance for instance.

Group discussions:

Taking part in industry chats is a way to show your interest for this sector and the knowledge you have. Share ideas, ask questions and connect with other experts so that they can see your expertise and spread the word.

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