2012, what’s new?

New year, new resolutions. What about the new trends that will mark 2012? We thought about it and here are our best guesses.



1. The recruitment techniques will continue to evolve and will place the personality of the candidate at the centre of the recruitment process.

The companies want their new talents to share and live the corporate values and philosophy and more importantly to become the ambassadors of the brand. They want more than just professional experience. They want an attitude, a way of seeing things. This is closely related to the transformation of the marketing sector. Companies need to build a close relationship with the customers. They build communities and federate people to create a sense of belonging. Employees are an integral part of this strategy. They promote the brand outside the enterprise’s walls. More and more companies use simulation role playing and interactive games as part of their recruitment process. The fact to be confronted with hypothetical situations in a game enables the candidate to show his skills but also his personality in the way he reacts. L’Oreal with its competition ‘Brandstorm’ and IBM with its interactive game ‘CityOne’ are two interesting examples.


2. Having an online presence will play a crucial role in recruitment. Building and controlling your image on the web is more than ever a priority.

Recruiters use social networks as one of the main tools to find candidates. Your LinkedIn, Xing and Viadeo profiles need to be up to date and filled with all your professional experience. If you can get recommendations from previous employers, clients you work with or colleagues, we encourage you to do so as it gives more credibility to your profile. Do not underestimate the power of networking. Connect with people you know to expand your network and open doors to new potential career opportunities. If you have a creative job, promote your work creating an online portfolio and a web page at your image with the links to your blog, profiles on social networks etc… About.me - https://about.me/ – allows you to build your personal profile page so that you can pull all the information together to have a single online identity. Recruiters will pay more and more attention to it. In a 2011 global HR Professionals survey by StepStone Solutions, it was noted that over 96% of recruiters believed that social media has a role to play in recruitment because it’s one of the best ways to reach out to potential employees worldwide and build new talent pools

On the contrary, the internet might also be your worst enemy. Checking the candidate’s accounts on social websites such as Twitter or Facebook will become the norm for future employers. Same situation for the ones who have a job. The number of fired employees due to Facebook keeps rising and won’t stop in the near future. Internet will play a big role in the employment world.


3. Recruitment will go mobile.

The smartphones enables us to have internet everywhere and do everything we need on the go. Looking for a job, checking job offers and apply through your mobile will be as easy as pie. The companies and recruitment agencies will make their websites mobile friendly or create applications to facilitate the utilisation. The job search will become less restrictive and look less tiresome.

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