Recruitment games, when the employers play the fun card

Everyone agrees that looking for a job is not a pleasure cruise. Checking job offers, writing cover letters, getting ready for job interviews and suffering failure when the role you want is given to someone else is what comes to mind when someone talks about job search. Companies and recruitment agencies have been trying for a few years now to reverse this trend and to find ways to make recruitment more appealing. Well, it seems they are on the right track!

Nowadays, more and more companies launch recruitment games to seek and recruit their future talents. The principle is easy. Players can register by creating an account, an avatar and filling out a short form, after which they can manage fictitious projects and get involved in the company’s strategy. The games are punctuated by role play situations, corporate challenges and reflection games to assess the contestant’s skills and knowledge. They also allow participants to react to a variety of crises and see how their decisions affect outcomes. It is fun, engaging and encourages creativity.

The advantages of this recruitment tool are numerous; both for employers and for professionals looking to either start or strengthen their career.


For an employer, creating a recruitment game enables him to attract profiles that match his requirements and corporate culture. Thanks to the challenges and tests participants have to undertake during the game, the HR team can evaluate their abilities and understand their personality. They can then select the best fits for the roles they are recruiting for. Besides, in the course of the game, contestants get to know what the company does, how decisions are made and what career paths can be followed. It gives them a pretty realistic idea of what working there would be like and if they would enjoy it. If they join the organisation, they have clearer career objectives and are more likely to stay in the company for a long time.

For the player, this kind of game is the perfect opportunity to get noticed and prove that s/he has what it takes to join and work for the company. It is often easier and worth more to show what we are capable of doing than explaining it at a job interview. People trust more what they see than what they hear so roll up your sleeves and take on the challenge! It is also a great chance for junior profiles to find out if they are really made for the sector they want to forge a career in. It is often hard to have a clear idea of what we like without experiencing it beforehand.

Here are 3 examples of famous recruitment games to give you a better idea of what we are talking about:


Reveal by L’Oréal

Reveal is an online individual business game which allows you to discover L’Oréal as well as yourself. You will play the role of a management trainee and go backstage for 18 months of a new product launch at L’Oréal, just as it would be in real life. In order to progress, you have to solve puzzles and search for clues by exploring various fields. Through the game you will be assessed on your professional skills and cognitive ability.

Trust by Danone:

Trust by Danone is a virtual game where you play the role of the head of a company. You will discover a broad range of fields of expertise and follow the various stages of the product manufacturing process and its distribution on the markets.

Moonshield by Thalès:

Moonshield offers a fun, innovative way of discovering Thalès and its business activities. Players rely on all the company’s scientific resources and use Thalès technologies, systems and products to save the planet from an asteroid shower that threatens to destroy civilisation as we know it.

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