I am living abroad but I want to come back to my country

You’ve been living abroad for a few years and you are thinking of coming back to your country. You have a good job there and would like to get a better position now that you have international experience and that you are multilingual. How to proceed?

You are not in a rush. You have a secure job where you are now so take the time to find something you really like before moving back. Accepting a role with fewer responsibilities than you already have could be a bad move for your career. Recruiters will wonder why you did it and that won’t look good on your CV. You also have to take into consideration the fact that you have skills and knowledge you didn’t have when you left and that you now speak another language. Your salary expectations should be set in line with your new experiences.

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If you are working in a big company, it is worth going to the HR department and letting them know that you are considering going back. They might be able to relocate you in one of their offices abroad. Be careful with your words. Tell them that you are willing to wait until a good opportunity comes up because you really want to keep working for this company.

If you want to change company or if they can’t offer you a position in your country, contact recruitment agencies, update your online résumé and check online recruitment platforms on a daily basis to check if there is any job offer you are interested in. Let your friends and old colleagues know that you want to come back. They might know of an opportunity that could interest you. You can also get in touch with the recruiter that helped you to get a job if you got one through a recruitment agency. He knows you already and will probably be happy to help you make your next career move.

Focus on your experience abroad. Decide which aspects of it are the most pertinent ones for the kind of roles you are looking for. Prepare well for any potential job interview by thinking how to emphasise these key points. Explain how this time abroad is an advantage for this position and what you would do that other people wouldn’t. Try to combine both personal and professional facets.

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