How to use Facebook to find a job?

Although Facebook is known for sharing and keeping up with friends, it is used more and more for professional purposes.


The fact that you can quickly and easily communicate with people around the word makes it a great place to manage your career. So what to do to get noticed and find the job you want?

Looking for a job on Facebook is a good way to link business with pleasure. You can share news and pictures with friends while staying aware of the latest offers in your sector.

Facebook now has a bunch of good applications you can use to be visible to the right recruiters and be aware of the open roles that match your profile.

Here are the ones we selected for you and what we think of them:


  • Branchout

Branchout is an application that gives you access to more than 3 million jobs and 20 000 internships. The way it works is pretty straight forward. You create your online resume on the platform with your specialities, work history and education information. You can see where your friends work, link with the ones who are in the companies you are interested in and ask for endorsements. Employers have the possibility to post job offers you can apply to and recruiters to look for candidats using the Branchout database.


What we like:

-       The interface is clear and easy to use

-       With each friend you add on Branchout, you get access to the names and employers of their friends, even if they’re not on Branchout

-       You can track your applications

-       It pulls job opportunities from multiple online sources

  • Beknown

Beknown is the Monster’s Facebook application. You can search for jobs advertised on Monster through Facebook and connect with people who might be able to help you getting hired.

Setting up your profile is very quick as you can synchronise your Monster resume with your Beknown account.


What we like:

-       Monster is one of the largest employment websites in the world and all the job openings can be found on Beknown

-       You can invite friends and colleagues to connect professionally, even if you’re not friends on Facebook and your social updates will never be disclosed on Beknown

-       You can invite connections for other accounts such as Twitter or Gmail

-       You can follow companies to be the first to know about potential career opportunities

  • Startwire

Startwire is an application that allows job seekers to organise their applications and get automatic status updates from thousands of employers via text message and email, making the dreaded ‘application black hole’ just a little less dark. In addition, to application status updates, Startwire also provides job search and networking recommendations based on a user’s application history, profile, and personal networks.

What we like:

-       You can keep track of your applications

-       You can easily check at which step of the process you are for each of them

  • Cachinko

With Cachinko, describe the job of your dreams and they will bring it to you. Once you installed the application, they will ask you what role you are looking for and will suggest you relevant job openings according to what you said. By providing feed-back (‘more jobs like this’ or ‘less jobs like this’), you will give them more insights about what you want so that they can readjust their search.



What we like:

-       The list of ‘job you will love’ pulled out thanks to the information you give them about your professional expectations

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