Digital alternatives to the traditional application

Today’s job market is highly competitive and it is becoming harder and harder to get noticed and stand out from the crowd. Recruiters receive thousands of CVs per day and you only have a few seconds to convince them! 2012 was the year that marked the evolution of the traditional application towards more appealing and digital ways to market ourselves. Depending on your skills and the sector you work in, you might want to explore one of the following options:

Video résumé

A video resume is a short video created by a candidate that describes his/her skills and qualifications. It is usually used to supplement a traditional resume and to enhance your online presence.

The purpose of the video is to draw the recruiters’ attention to your profile and to communicate quickly and widely about your availability on the market and your will to pursue your career in the area of your choice. A video resumé can be really successful if well-made and original. People who decide to create one should have experience in social media in order to make the video go viral and make the most of it.

Visual CV

A visual CV is an online version of your paper CV.

It enables you to add links to your social profiles, blog or website you might have, online portfolio etc. You can also add graphs and pictures to enhance your skills and experience. It brings a digital dimension to the application by allowing the recruiter to interact with your CV and to learn about you in a more engaging way.

This tool can be useful if you have content on the web such as a Twitter or LinkedIn Account, a blog you created or a website you are writing articles for, published work or even a portfolio of your work. There is no real interest in having one if you do not have anything more than on your paper CV.

CV Website

A personal CV website is a website you build to introduce yourself to potential employers and present your work history and skills.

The CV website is a good option for people who work in a creative field and are keen to showcase their work. It enables them to demonstrate their creativity and it is less constraining than a traditional application.

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