CV, the new trends

Between the new CV generation, the job application without CV and the appearance of the button ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ on a few websites, the use of the CV is a wide topic of discussion.


We will focus today on the evolution of the CV from the last couple of years. Nowadays, you can create very original CVs thanks to online software that build it for you. Easy to use, they enable you to design your CV quickly and creatively even if you don’t have the required skills or the imagination to do it yourself. However, this is to use sparingly. Why?

Firstly, because it was uncommon two years ago but today it is very popular. Recruiters see original CVs every day and they won’t be especially impressed by yours.

Secondly, the difference between original and odd is very thin. A resume must be clear and easy to read. There is no point in having a good CV if it is impossible to read. Recruiters don’t spend 30 minutes on each CV and they must be able to spot important information quickly.

Finally, it is not a good idea to go for a creative CV in all sectors. For example, if you work in Finance, they are not expecting you to be creative or original. Think of your job and the main qualities required for it. If being creative and inventive are aspects of your job, an interest for design and the necessity to stand out from the crowd is important, then going for a creative resume might just do the trick!

Here is a selection of the best websites: will turn your resume into a stunning infographic. It creates clean graphical representations of your skills, work history and your connections on LinkedIn in an easy-to-scan format that combines both design and clarity of the information. What more could you ask for?! You will even be able to choose from a large range of colours, backgrounds and fonts to make your CV to your liking. This is definitely our favourite website.

A similar website you can use is Like, it also allows you to create graphical representations of your skills, work history and professional achievements. We like the fact that it highlights your expertise with graphs to show the proficiency vs. the frequency of use of each of your specialities and determine your top skills. Two weak points are the poor readability of the fonts and the selection of backgrounds that are more for a desktop background than for a professional document. makes it easy and fast for anyone to create an original and compelling visual resume. The rich combination of widgets, themes and personalized settings makes each CV unique. All the information you need is there and it gives you the option to choose a picture of yourself as the resume’s background. The only downside is that it is quite formal and doesn’t offer a variety of choices. However, its simplicity is effective and it does it job.


If you prefer to go for a more formal resume and you want to be able to add links, pictures and videos, then you should give a go. The resume publishing web application transforms a generic text-based CV into a rich, web-based resume that is easy for recruiters to review online. Your CV will be easily found on the web thanks to a forthcoming semantic search engine.

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