Why having an annual review is a good idea

We see too often the annual review as something negative that will bring us more trouble than anything else. This meeting with your boss can actually be a very good idea and for several reasons.

The first one is that you usually don’t have time to have a proper conversation with your boss regarding your performance and your job during the year.The beginning of a new year with new objectives and new projects is the perfect time to note the situation and assess your progress.Take the negative points your manager mentions as an opportunity to improve your skills. Ask him how he thinks you can overcome them and take notes of his advice. He has more experience than you and can offer an impartial point of view. This can help you to see things from a new perspective and to quickly solve the problem.

This is also the chance to discover your strong points and what they value about you. It is important to hear this information in order to stay confident and motivated! Knowing that you are on the right track will give you more energy to go further and take new initiatives. If you have suggestions or ideas for your department, this is the moment to speak up. Your boss will appreciate your creativity and your implication in your job and in your team.

Another good reason is to finally say what you have to say. If you are unhappy with anything whatsoever, take advantage of this private conversation with your manager to tackle the problem. Your work environment plays a big part in your job and being worried or unsatisfied with something will only affect your productivity. Choose your words carefully and explain clearly what the problem is.

Asking for a salary raise is another reason that makes the annual review interesting for you. Assessing what you’ve done so far and pointing out your strengths gives you a strong basis on which to build your argument. Don’t come up with a salary raise without having beforehand thought of why you deserve one. Your manager will ask you why you think you should have a higher salary and you have to be able to point out your main skills and what you bring to the company. Emphasise the progress you’ve made and the responsibilities you’ve taken over to show the salary raise as the logical result.

If your manager disagrees with you and is not willing to raise your salary, ask him why, what he expects from you and try to draw together a line of conduct for the year. Keep in mind the goals you need to reach all the year-round and wait for the next annual review to discuss your salary.

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